A bad day at work

Okay so I’ve had a job since I was 16, I made sure I had one as soon as I turned 16 so I could go out with friends more and buy myself things. My first job was working in a car park marshaling cars to spaces (that comes with its own bizarre and funny stories) but that’s not what this is about. After finishing a job at McDonald’s to move to university, I got myself a job in a pub to support myself living away from home on my own. And my god I have a love-hate relationship with that place.

First thing first it’s not that I’m not grateful to have this job, which is really well paid, it’s just the actual work. Which again I know, why is she surprised it’s a kitchen job in a very busy pub of course you’ll have to do some work that’s what your payed fo do but anyway.

The first problems arose on my very first shift. Oh and yes maybe I could have given it a bit more thought seeing as I’m clumsy, however when my manager asked me to chop onions and I said yes. And well it didn’t end well. I chopped my finger in the first five minutes of doing the task and out of embarrassment didn’t tell anyone, I just shoved on a glove intending to hide the now obvious bleeding while I looked around for a plaster. Until the bleeding got so bad I had to go ask someone for a plaster, in which I was laughed at. Which I admit it was funny how fast I’d already been struck by the kitchen curse. Okay okay I know that doesn’t sound too bad and it wasn’t but that was the start of many many injuries, which I’d like to say most were not my fault.

Next thing is the burns, oh my god there are so many burns up my arms now scarring. My oh they hurt, that dang pizza press is so hot that is scolds me every time. I have no clue how to resolve this as making the pizza is very much part of the job and it seems from everyone else the burns come with it, but hurts so so bad!

The last story about injuries also includes burns but in a different place and a different culprit. Scrambled egg the painful mastermind behind my new burn. Having an early shift on that fateful day, breakfast was still on and I was tasked to make three portions of scrambled egg. Therefore I cracked the eggs into the jug and added the milk putting it into the microwave for the intended time. Ding. The timer went and the ticket was needed completing ASAP. So I stuck my fork into the middle of the jug to mix it around to make sure it was cooked all the way through. BANG! no literally there was a bang from the jug and egg splattered all I’ve my face hat and uniform and again it hurt soo bad. And now I have a fresh burn on my chin thanks to my new nemesis.

Now finally is mumblers and my bad habit of being so afraid of anyone higher than I am so I just say yes to anything even if it’s not done. One of my mangers seems to mumble his words, god I literally don’t understand a word he ever says and he keeps getting so frustrated with me because of this. So the story starts on a near close shift with me finishing at 9, so I had to help start to clean the place. A chicken had been sent back due to it not being cooked through, he started rambling on about how I had to probe the chicken to make sure it was cooked through and I agreed saying i’d make sure I’d do it next time. And I thought that was it then two apple crumbles came onto the screen and he mumbled something I didn’t hear so I repeated what and this went on two times until he shouted at me. I understand him shouting because I wasn’t hearing but after a long shift and the fact that I couldn’t hear because he was mumbling the shouting caught me off guard and I just in that moment wanted to cry. I just felt so embarrassed everyone was staring and I wanted the floor to swallow me up. So I carried on cleaning trying to distract myself from what had just happened but the chicken problem came back to bite me in the ass. He came over to ask if the chicken was done and I asked him what chicken he sighed and said the chicken I asked you to re-do. I started rambling about how I thought he was just talking about probing future chickens and he said no and just told me to make it now. It wasn’t said in any bad way but I felt even worse so I stuck it in the microwave and left to go sit in the toilets.

And that brings us to now the day before my next shift which is an actual close and I want again the ground to swallow me. Moral kids starve in university and just don’t get a job :)

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