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Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Starting up a blog has been on my mind for a while but the final push to set up my own was after a talk from two students who have already graduated and also did the same while they were at University. So that’s what I did created one to discuss issues I feel passionate about or just everyday thoughts about living in the city of Liverpool. Furthermore, as a creative writing student I feel this is a good way to get my writing out there and read by people and get opinions it back to further my abilities. I'm hopeful to start up a consistent uploads with new updates ever week.

I'm 18 and from the Wirral just a short drive through the tunnel to get to Liverpool. having grew up around the city it's always been familiar but moving and living here has been very different. From having to adapt to a new schedule with classes and then also having a part time job things have been very chaotic. As well as having to adjust to having a lot more free time has been the most challenging (even if i thought that would be the easiest) going from being in school 5 days a week seven hours to only two days in Uni having then having so much free time its been hard to find ways to fill this up. So from taking up hockey to many many coffee shop trips my new life is starting to grow on me.

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